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Wild Bird Food - Wild Bird Feed, Wild Bird Seed


We stock various kinds of wild bird food, from general purpose wild bird seed feed to specialist wild bird feed that are particular in some cases to individual species. We also sell fat balls which make great high energy wild bird food all year round for many species.

We also stock suet treats and suet pellets in various flavors, these offer wild birds a change of shape and texture to keep them interested as well as healthy. Our biggest supplier of wild bird feed is Gardman, a UK based company founded in 1992 and established now as the UK’s leading supplier of 4,000 growing, garden living and wild bird food products.

1320086 - Wild Bird Peanuts 600g

1320154 - Fatballs
1320348 - Suet Pellets Berries 500g
1320369 - Dried Mealworms 100g
1320374 - Suet Pellets Mealworms 500g
GARA04079 - Coconut Bird Feeder
GARA04084 - Peanut Suet Feast
Fruit Suet Feast

GARA04085 - Fruit Suet Feast
Berry Suet Feast

GARA04107 - Berry Suet Feast
GARA04190D - Suet Pellets Fruit 1.1kg
GARA04192 - Suet Pellets Seed & Insect 550g
GARA04239AD - Cranberry Suet Feast
GARA04521D - Dried Mealworms 1.2kg
GARA05160 - Sunflower Hearts 1kg
Nyger Seed 1kg

GARA05220 - Nyger Seed 1kg
GARA05520 - No Mess Seed Mix Bird Food 2kg
GARA05620 - Hedgerow Bird Food 2kg
GARA05650 - Woodland Seed Blend Bird Food 2kg
GARA05660 - Robin Seed & Insect Bird Food 1kg
GARA05700 - Bluetit Seed & Insect Bird Food 1kg
GARA05730 - Songbird Blend Bird Food 1kg
GARA05750 - Finch Blend Bird Food 1kg
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